EOC 2016 is over

This year’s EOC is over. An intensive eight days filled with eight races and five disciplines; of these, Sprint Relays held at EOC for the very first time.

Lost property and unclaimed maps

Two compasses and a digital watch were found.

World cup overall standings

Following EOC 2016, two rounds of the World Cup are behind us too.

ETOC: Gold medals for Gerdtman and Jansson at PreO

Overnight leaders Stig Gerdtman (Open) and Ola Jansson (Paralympic), both SWE, retained their form on the second day of competition to take the gold medals. The two placed second at the half-way...

Finland wins women’s relay

Finland won the women’s relay, courtesy of an exceptional last-leg run by Merja Rantanen. The silver medals went to Sweden and the bronze to Russia.

Men’s relay gold to Switzerland

Switzerland showed their strength in depth in the men’s relay today, their on paper second team taking the gold medals and the first team finishing fifth. Norway and the Czech Republic are the men’s...

ETOC: two gain full points on PreO Day 1

Just 2 of the 127 participants in the PreO competition solved all 23 problems correctly today, and both made mistakes at the timed controls. Stig Gerdtman and Ole Jansson, Sweden lead the Open and the...

Two double gold medallists after middle distance final

Tove Alexandersson, Sweden and Matthias Kyburz, Switzerland both won their second individual gold medal of the Championships in the Middle Distance Final at Černá Voda, Czech Republic today.

The defending European champion Daniel Hubmann did not qualify for the middle final

The middle qualification race took place in the hilly and curly terrain with stones and green areas nearby Horní Údolí. Runners after the finish appreciated interesting and technically challenging...

ETOC: home win in TempO

Pavel Kurfürst, Czech Republic beat many more experienced competitors in taking victory in the TempO Final today at Jesenik Spa. The silver medal went to Martin Jullum, Norway and the bronze to Ján...

Long Distance: wins for Tove Alexandersson and Daniel Hubmann

The two big favourites for victory today turned out also to be the clear winners, Alexandersson by 41 seconds and Hubmann by 1.22.

One of the toughest Long Qualification races ever

The Long Distance Qualification race took place in the hilly terrain of Bílá Voda near the border with Poland. The courses by course planner Filip Stárek were very physically demanding, and hot...

Sprint victory for Judith Wyder and Matthias Kyburz

The Sprint gold medals have been won today by the Swiss pair Judith Wyder and Matthias Kyburz in two very close races in the hilly town of Jeseník, Czech Republic.

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