EOC 2016 is over


foto EOC 2016 is over

This year’s EOC is over. An intensive eight days filled with eight races and five disciplines; of these, Sprint Relays held at EOC for the very first time.

49 medals in nine sets were awarded, with Switzerland being clear leader in the statistics, and nine countries taking at least one (figures are gold-silver-bronze):

Switzerland 5-1-2

Sweden 2-3-1

Russia 1-0-3

Finland 1-0-1

Norway 0-3-0

Denmark 0-1-1

Ukraine 0-1-0

Czech Republic 0-0-1

France 0-0-1

Amongst particular athletes, three medals for one person was the maximum and only three athletes achieved this: Tove Alexandersson (2-1-0), Matthias Kyburz (2-0-1) and Judith Wyder (1-1-1). The Hubmann family took three too, but only when you count two for Martin and one for Danny together, the latter having a not-too-happy second half of the championships but showing with victory in the Long that he is still really strong.

And another specific runner deserves special note: Merja Rantanen. The 1980-born Finish athlete took part in all eight races, getting to the A finals in all individual races. We remember her now for her golden Relay finish above all, but at other times she was very close to a medal, including as member of the Sprint Relay team which placed fourth, and the day after when she was just two seconds behind Sprint bronze.

If the memories are not enough, you can have a look at plenty of photos taken during the EOC races (and still new ones are to come), at the famous videos made by __STROY (above all the invitation, and the final summarizing) or read the comments and memories of many runners which can be found summarised on worldofo.com.

At the closing ceremony, following the Relay medals' handover on 28th May in Černá Voda, the Organising Committee chief David Aleš handed the IOF flag over to Francesco Guglielmetti, the EOC 2018 Event Director. The next European championships is to take place between 5th and 13th May 2018 in canton Ticino, southern Switzerland, country of endless natural beauties as you can see in the event’s video invitation. Right now, as it happens, the world’s longest railway tunnel, having its southern portal right in Ticino, was put into commercial test use. If such an achievement takes place right there, no doubt the EOC held there two years later will be another big achievement too.

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