ETOC: home win in TempO


Pavel Kurfürst, Czech Republic beat many more experienced competitors in taking victory in the TempO Final today at Jesenik Spa. The silver medal went to Martin Jullum, Norway and the bronze to Ján Furucz, Slovakia.

The Final consisted of 7 stations with 4 problems at each, the final station being visible to spectators. Thirty-six athletes had qualified from the two qualification heats that took place in the morning, which were won by Michele Cera ITA, current World PreO Champion, and Marit Wiksell SWE.

Kurfürst succeeded through great accuracy on the course; he made fewer mistakes than anyone else although he was never the fastest in decision-making.

Leading results

  1. Pavel Kurfürst CZE 258.5 secs

  2. Martin Jullum NOR 266.5

  3. Ján Furucz SVK 288.5

  4. Zoltán Miháczi HUN 297.5

  5. Michele Cera ITA 314.5

  6. Pinja Mäkinen FIN 323.5

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