Explanations for yesterday’s two jury decisions on the protests submitted


Start of Lithuanian runners in Long Qualification: Lithuania missed the deadline for entry to the Long Qualification, which put them under the threat of not being allowed to start. The team has no Team Leader and all the runners were in the Sprint quarantine, and they didn’t realise in time that they therefore had to do their entry beforehand. In the end the Organisers offered the possibility of a start for all members of the team before time zero, as the start list was being prepared without them. However this solution had to be accepted by the Team Officials’ Meeting, which it was. This was also the cause for the start list being published so late yesterday, for which the Organisers apologise.

Sprint bronze for Maja Alm: When using the primary time-measuring system, i.e. the SI Air+ timekeeping, both Galina Vinogradova and Maja Alm achieved the same time, rounded down to full seconds. This was reflected in the flower ceremony which took place just a couple of minutes after the end of the women’s race. However at a later time the Organisers checked the back-up system and this showed a slight difference, with the result that Maja Alm was moved to fourth place. This was then reflected at the medal ceremony.

However, the Danish complaint against the correction of the time was accepted by jury. It has been decided that Maja will be presented with her medal at the Long Distance medal ceremony on Wednesday.

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