The defending European champion Daniel Hubmann did not qualify for the middle final


The middle qualification race took place in the hilly and curly terrain with stones and green areas nearby Horní Údolí. Runners after the finish appreciated interesting and technically challenging courses prepared by the course planner Adam Chromý. Women run the 3,3 km race, men competed for 51 places in Friday’s A final race on the 4,7 km long courses.

The victory in particular heats was taken by Dana Šafka Brožková (CZE), Cat Taylor (GBR) and Judith Wyder (SUI) among women and by Johan Runesson (SWE), Carl Godager Kaas (NOR) and Matthias Kyburz (SUI) in men’s class.

On the other hand, the defending European champion from EOC 2014 in Portugal Daniel Hubmann (SUI) surprisingly missed to get qualified after ending up on the 19th place, 9 seconds behind the last qualifying position. (see the interview below).

The most successful team today was the Swedish team with all athletes getting into the A final tomorrow. The Czech team got 11 out of 12 runners in A final. Switzerland had therefore two victories and two second-placings, with 5 more athletes qualifying for the final. In heat B, Martins Sirmais (LAT), EOC Middle silver medallist in 2006 and 2008, failed to qualify, in heat C, M?rten Boström (FIN), Sprint World Champion in 2013, didn’t qualify.

The final race takes place in Černá Voda on Friday. The first man starts at 13:45, the first woman at 15:30. The flower ceremony is planned at 16:05 for men and 17:50 for women.


Interview with Daniel Hubmann

Daniel, what has happened?

Since I am running the whole programme I need to save some energy somewhere to be ready for the finals, that‘s why I did not push maximum all the time. And then I made some mistakes – at the 6th control, I thought it is an easy one, just in the white slope, but I missed there over a minute. I still thought I run ok, because it is a tricky race and many others would make mistakes too. But still I was not running enough aggressively, I was a bit lazy.

How did you like the course today?

It was a nice and challenging course. I actually like those kinds of races, so I am feeling bad that I did not perform better.

Have you felt the long distance race in your legs?

My legs are still a little bit tired, that’s also a reason I did not want to run maximum. The risk I took was too high.

So now saving some powers for relay...

At least I can do that now.

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