First EOC gold medal for Russia team

Premiere of the Sprint Relay on the European Orienteering Championships is past now.

Quarantine check-in for sprint races. Read updated info for sprint final!

Organizers have decided to change deadline times for check-in into quarantine as follows:


.. now we go on with Jakub Weiner, course planner of Middle Final, and Jan Picek, course planner of Relay, so that the collection is complete now!

Model of Long Distance terrain published

We have made public a computer-generated contour model of the Long Distance area, as it is brand new terrain without any maps issued before.

We are rolling on the streets of Jeseník!

Last week, two local buses operating in the Jeseník area were fitted with EOC 2016 promotion banners.

One month to go to the start! Who do we know is selected at this moment? (updated on 16 May)

As of today, that is on 21 May at 12:30 precisely, there is exactly one month to go to the very first start!

Embargo areas nr. 10 and 11 lifted

The embargo of areas no. 10 and 11, which were located near the village of Kobylá nad Vidnavkou and in the village of Lipová-lázně, are now lifted.

Personal Auspices of the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports

Czech Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, Ms Kateřina Valachová, grants personal auspices to the European Orienteering Championships 2016.

I count on my experience from 10 years ago!

When speaking about French orienteering, Thierry was the automatic first synonym for many recent years. He is still here and able to win, but in the last two years there have been some medals achieved...

Avis offers discount rate for car rental

We have negotiated an agreement with Avis, based on which you can book their car rental at a discount rate. Simply use this link; it directs you into our tailor-made offer - you don’t need to fill in...

Approach To The Event Center Through Embargoed Area

Because the event center is located in Hotel Priessnitz, inside the sprint final area (embargoed area 6), here you can read instructions, how to get there.

If not at EOC, then perhaps never ...

Jan Procházka ranks amongst the most experienced Czech O-team members today. However he still waits for a medal in an individual discipline at a top international event. The closest previously has...

I just have to run up and down the biggest hill

Just recently, after she won the worldofo's poll for orienteering achievement 2015, you could read an interview with Maja Alm on the same website. But the Danish top relay team includes more girls –...

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