Accommodation information

Accommodation can be booked through organizers till end of February only, with payments to be made until 15 March. After this date we can not guarantee availability of free capacity.

Email for orders: (or alternatively , accommodation manager)

List of hotels:

Class Hotel              Location       Beds   Distance from EC   Note
  A   Hotel Slovan       Jeseník         63        3.3 km        for VIPs only
  A   Hotel Slunný dvůr  Lázně Jeseník   51        0.5 km
  A   Hotel Priessnitz   Lázně Jeseník   54        0.0 km         not for EOC teams (EOC embargoed area)
B Hotel Helios Lipová-lázně 63 8.8 km B Hotel Toč Lipová-lázně 56 8.2 km B Hotel Andromeda Ramzová 56 13.3 km B Park Hotel Ostružná 48 14.6 km B Hotel Franz Rejvíz 60 14.6 km C Penzion Orlík Rejvíz 28 14.6 km C Hotel Zlatý Chlum Česká Ves 58 7.3 km

Price covers accommodation + full board / 1 person / 1 night

A - single room 1 600 CZK

A - double 1 300 CZK

B - single room 1 200 CZK

B - double 1 100 CZK

C - single room 900 CZK

C - double 800 CZK

Information for payments

Bank account:

Bank: Fio banka, a.s., V Celnici 1028/10, 117 21 Praha 1, Česká republika



Account name: Jesenické sdružení orientačních sportů, Tyršova 12, 787 01 Šumperk, Česká republika

Detail of payment: number of invoice (a separate invoice will be created for every payment which will be sent by email), + indication EOC or ETOC

Notice: All bank charges must be paid in full by the payer!

Map of hotels (click on it to display full-size image in new window). Event center is located to Hotel Priessnitz, up in the spa area. Some official events will take place in Hotel Slovan, down in the town:

Map of hotels

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