One more EOC 2016 Official Training camp

Due to the big interest in the training camp May we add one more training camp. It will be held at Easter, during the period 24 to 28 March 2016. If you are interested, tell us about your participation as soon as possible.
Thank you!

Robert Zdrahal

Hana Orienteering company, Ltd.



EOC 2016 Official Training camp

October 04-11, 2015

Czech Republic, Rejviz


Dear O´friends,

Thank you for your interest in the 1st Official Training Camp for EOC 2016 in Czech Republic. Our company Hana orienteering Ltd. has been entrusted by Czech Orienteering Federation to organise this training camp and we will do our best to fulfil your training expectations and prepare you a nice stay in our country.

We expect all participants will find here perfectly prepared training sessions in terrains similar to EOC terrains of next year.

Basic Information

Official training sessions

Official training with Sport Ident time-keeping will be prepared starting from Monday October 4 morning till Sunday October 11 afternoon.  There will be 2 training sessions daily, one on the morning from 10 to 12 am, and another on the afternoon from 3 to 6 pm.

Another official training camp will be held in the same place at the beginning of May 2016 (May 2nd to May 8th) in conjunction with Orienteering Cup Poland 2016. Rejviz training centre also can be used on request at any time.

Unofficial training sessions

Beside official training sessions with SI controls, you can plan your own training on any day of the training camp. We will then print clean maps or maps with controls on your individual request, including special maps (without black colour, only contours etc.) but we will not set control flags in the forest for unofficial trainings. Also, for your convenience, there will be approx. 20 control flags set in the forest area around the training centre in Rejviz during the whole camp, so you can easily just get off to the forest with the local O-maps any time of the day.

Training maps

Under this link, you can find overview of training maps seen on the google map of the region, here the latest overview of embargoed areas (zoom in to see the roads, which can be used) and here the latest summary of training and embargoed areas together in a jpg file.

You will be able soon to find all map samples including their localisation in attached files, including the information on the relevance to respective EOC terrains, for your review and preliminary planning of your training activities.

Check also samples of maps for each of the EOC disciplines.

Accommodation and Boarding

We have reserved accommodation in mountain resort Rejviz, which is located 12 km east from EOC 2016 host city Jeseník. Comfortable cottages, with single, double and triple beds rooms, BB, half board or full board for really reasonable prices – see our price list and pictures for more details.


All teams will receive preliminary calculation of their budget based on their requests immediately, including information on the amount of 30 % of the total amount to be paid as a deposit to the bank account of Hana orienteering by September 25 as latest:


Hana Orienteering, Ltd.

Name: Hana Orienteering, Ltd.

Address : Stupkova 1C, Olomouc, 779 00, Czech Republic

VAT N: CZ-26819473

Account holder: Hana Orienteering, Ltd.

Account number: 115-637330277/0100

IBAN: CZ4001000001150637330277


The exact resting amount you can pay in cash on the end of your stay in Rejviz, or if previously agreed, through an invoice and bank transfer after the training camp.

In case of any doubts or questions please do not hesitate to contact us!!

We are looking forward to meet you in our training camp.

Robert Zdráhal

Marek Petřivalský

Hana orienteering Ltd. company


Price list


Organizer offer accommodation in mountain chalet Josef Odlozil at Rejviz holiday resort. This cottage is designed especially for athletes and is equipped rehabilitation facilities. It is located in the immediate of official EOC 2016 training maps:

Only 12 km far from EOC 2016 host city – Jesenik is the perfect location in EOC 2016 relevant terrain

Available:  2 triple rooms, 9 double rooms, 1 single room, gym, sauna, whirlpool, clubroom, restaurant, massage room, Wi-Fi….

Note: the chalet was opened two month ago – not on the public

map so far…

Price for one person / one night

Bed and breakfast


Half board


Full board



Training possibilities (  part 6,7,8

Just in the middle of training areas you can easy reach following maps:

  1. Chlapecke kameny (No.9)  – from 500 meter ( walk distance )
  2. Rusky hrbitov (No.8) – from 400 meter ( walk distance)
  3. Strazisko (No.7) – about 9 km
  4. Lysy vrch (No.3) – about 10 km
  5. Vidnava (No.1 + No.2) – about 25 km
  6. Another 3 relevant maps and terrains up to 15 km


Clear map

2 €

Map with controls

3 €

Training session SI Units, time keeping /person (up to 10 person)

10 €

Training session SI Units, time keeping /person (over  10 person)

5 €



Hana orienteering cars

Price per day (excluding fuel)

Minibus  Renault (up to 9 person)

65 EUR

Minibus Mercedes (up to 9 person)

70 EUR

We are ready to prepare the program and budget specifically for your training group - do not hesitate to send us your requirements!!!

Robert Zdrahal

Hana Orienteering company, Ltd.


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